Medbox, Inc. Acquires Prescription Vending Machines, Inc.

Medbox, Inc. has acquired Prescription Vending Machines, Inc., and will operate the company as a wholly-owned subsidiary.  

Prescription Vending Machines, Inc.  was founded in 2008 and has generated revenues of over $6 million since 2010.  The company sells and services a patented biometric medicine dispensing system that can dispense a wide variety of medicine and is sold to traditional pharmacies, doctors' offices, hospitals, urgent care centers, and alternative medicine clinics.  The company has over 100 machines and/or point of sale systems installed and operational worldwide.

Prescription Vending Machines, Inc. agreed to be acquired by Medbox, Inc. to assist in expanding into new markets as well as promote better visibility among the investment community.

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Medbox is a publicly traded company, with its stock listed on the OTC Board, ticker symbol MDBX.