Seattle Post Intelligencer Urges School Board To Revise Strict Vending Rules

The Seattle Post Intelligencer has urged the city school board to revise its vending rules and allow products students will buy, noting they are getting these products away from school. To read the editorial, click here

Editor’s Insight: The Seattle Post Intelligencer takes a view opposite that of The Seattle Times, which VendingMarketWatch reported 12-13-11. The Seattle Times thinks the school district has an obligation to uphold certain nutrition standards that supersede the revenue the vending brings in.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer notes vending machine income fell from $241,000 to $17,000. That’s quite a drop. This is a big cost, and the school board has to consider what they are getting in return.

VendingMarketWatch maintains that schools can integrate vending offerings with nutrition education. Certain school districts have proven this. 12-16-11 By Elliot Maras