Mobile Payments State Of The Industry Report Examines Outlook For Mobile Commerce

How quickly will mobile payments take hold in the U.S.? Will mobile payments become a dominant form of retail commerce? These questions and more are addressed in the Mobile Payments State of the Industry 2012 study by Mobile Payments Today, an online news source. This survey of both consumers and financial executives digs deep into current usage numbers and offers a roadmap for the mobile payments and mobile commerce industry over the next year.

Mobile Payments Today surveyed 167 executives from financial institutions to see how their organizations are planning for, and investing in, mobile services. Mobile Payments Today also conducted a survey of 697 consumers to find out their feelings about using their phones to pay for goods and services, and to access financial and banking services.

Consumers weigh in on their desire for a mobile wallet, what they want from their banks, what apps they are using and what apps they don't want. Financial institutions, broken out in this report by size, weigh in with how they are using mobile banking to connect with customers and gain new ones, what features their customers are using, and their investment plans for the next two years.

Purchasers of this report will receive in-depth commentary from experts in the mobile payments space, covering topics like mobile wallets, the mobile payments "format war," the future of mobile banking, consolidation in the mobile payments industry and what the future holds for NFC.

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