Former Boxer And Nutritionist Jenifer Alcorn Offers Tips On Healthiest Vending Foods

Former boxer and nutrition expert Jenifer Alcorn appeared on KMPH-TV in Fresno, Calif. on its “Great Day” show to present what she considers the most and least nutritious vending foods. To view the video, click here.  

Editor’s Insight: Viewers many not agree with all of Jenifer Alcorn’s recommendations, but it’s good to see a nutritionist recognize that vending machines offer healthy options.

Vending operators should be doing more to promote the fact that they offer healthy options in the work place. Consumer media outlets are always interested in doing stories and segments on health and wellness.

Many vending operators complain that dedicated healthy vending companies are now targeting their customers, falsely claiming to have healthier products that consumers will buy.

If established vending operators did a better job communicating the fact that they already offer healthy options, these dedicated healthy vending companies would not be taking away any of their customers. 12-15-11 By Elliot Maras