Students At Philadelphia Schools’ Vending Repair Program Operate School Vending Machines

The students of the Philadelphia School District’s vending repair program at Randolph High School are now operating vending equipment in the school, giving them first hand experience, according to Jim Clark, program instructor. The students are servicing the machines on their own time, after school, with their only compensation being credit for their hours as “community service”, used toward their senior project.

The students place the proceeds from the program in the school’s student activity fund which benefits all students at the school, Clark noted.

Profits are deposited (by students) in the schools student activity fund to benefit the students in the program and the school.

Editor’s Insight: Congratulations to all of the companies that support this outstanding vocational program. This is the only vocational program in the nation that prepares young people for careers in our industry.

The industry members who volunteer their time to work with the school board to make sure this program continues do not get enough credit for the hard work they do. The program deserves the industry’s ongoing support. 12-13-11 By Elliot Maras