Seattle Times Urges School Board Not To Relax Vending Rules

The Seattle Times in Seattle, Wash. has urged the Seattle school board not to relax its nutrition rules for vending machines because vending revenue has declined. To read the editorial, click here

Editor’s Insight: The Seattle Times holds a different view about vending restrictions than VendingMarketWatch (which commented on this yesterday), but the newspaper and VendingMarketWatch agree that the school board should not have depended on vending revenue when it finalized its budget.

The newspaper and VendingMarketWatch also agree the school board’s mission is to educate students. The Seattle Times takes this to mean the school system should not be in the food business. VendingMarketWatch takes it to mean the schools should be educating kids about nutrition and in doing so, can integrate its vending program with its nutrition education program. 12-13-11 By Elliot Maras