Wall Street Journal Notes Small Ticket Debit Fees Plague Many Merchants

Small ticket merchants, including vending operators, continue to face higher debit fees on some cashless transactions, according to The Wall Street Journal. For the full story, click here.

Editor’s Insight: The vending industry, through its national trade association, is trying to convince the relevant parties to adjust the debit swipe fees, but this report indicates they still have a ways to go.

This article quotes the president of U.S. markets for MasterCard as saying there will be unhappy parties due to the government’s involvement in the system. While MasterCard debit cards are not the most common debit cards used in cashless vending purchases, not being able to accept these debit cards poses a problem for vending operators since they must advise customers not to use them.

The vending industry needs to convince MasterCard to recognize the potential that vending offers. 12-08-11 By Elliot Maras