Antioch University New England Students Seek To Ban Bottled Water

Students at Antioch University New England in Keene, N.H. are urging people to choose tap over bottled water as part of the national “Think Outside of the Bottle” campaign, according to The Keene Sentinel in Keene, N.H. For the full story, click here.  

Editor’s Insight: Here’s a suggestion for the Keene Sentinel: do an article examining how students are paying to support an ideological and political movement. The proposed ban at Antioch University New England is being advocated as part of an actual course at this school taught by a “director of social justice and sustainability.”

The university should not allow a vocal minority to decide what choices are available on campus. When bottled water bans are put to a vote, they tend to lose.

During the National Automatic Merchandising Association CoffeeTea&Water event in Las Vegas in October, one speaker noted that most plastic water bottles are recyclable. 12-05-11 By Elliot Maras