Comobar LLC Recommits To Office Coffee Service Market

Comobar LLC, based in Miami, Fla., has recommitted itself to the office coffee service market, bringing a long history of providing its clientele with the most sophisticated, cost effective and reliable equipment as well as quality coffee products.

Originally established in 1981, Comobar started its journey with the “Comobar System.”  By partnering with the Italian company Trial, Comobar became the exclusive importer of a fully automatic compact espresso machine. The system was sold together with a dedicated and concentrated espresso product. A few years later, the Comobar System became known nationwide within the American coffee industry.  The Comobar System targeted the office coffee service (OCS) segment as well as homes.

Five years later, Comobar added a steamer unit to the system that enabled automatic frothing of milk for the preparation of cappuccino; tripling the existing base of distribution within the U.S. For years since, Comobar has achieved market penetration in the wholesale distribution of cappuccino and espresso coffee equipment and supplies to the foodservice and OCS industries.

As the new millennium started and the demand for innovative products increased within the American market, Comobar started the distribution of single-serve espresso capsules and started manufacturing its equipment in the U.S. in order to offer the American market products made in the U.S. Comobar launched the XL fully automatic cappuccino espresso machine as well as the steamer EZ-System 300; which partnering with Espresso Italia Srl enabled the company to provide the American market with the “Comobar System of the new Millennium.”

A few years later, due to the changing economy and Comobar’s continued efforts to provide its customers with cost effective and reliable equipment; the company opened its production factory overseas with final assembly in the U.S. The company continued to launch new and improved models ever since.

As the demand for single serve coffee increases within the American market, so are Comobar’s efforts to provide its clientele with an affordable and easy to use single serve American system producing Caffé Americano.

For almost two years, Comobar has been studying the market and specific market segments; and has come to the realization that besides providing excellent Italian espresso; there is an ample market still to conquer: the single serve American coffee market or what it will be known as “The Comobar System of the New Era”

This is a new venture Comobar is eager to launch in 2011 and into 2012 with its innovative equipment with an emphasis in the OCS market.

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