MEI Recycles More Than 2,796 Pounds Of Electronic Equipment In ‘Recycle For Recylcers’ Program

Imagine 2,917 gallons of gas, 105,911 gallons of water and 63 barrels of oil saved. These are a few of the sustainability results achieved through a recycling program that MEI ran this summer for U.S.-based operators.

The month and a half long promotional program, “Recycle for Recyclers” credited operators with a rebate for trading in any brand of working or non-working bill validator when they purchased a new CASHFLOW® VNR recycler from MEI. This program was one of its most popular promotions in recent history, enabling MEI to recycle more than 2,796 pounds of electronic equipment.

MEI partnered for a second time with Intercon Solutions of Chicago Heights, Ill., to disassemble and recycle the equipment using environmentally safe de-manufacturing methods. Intercon supplied MEI with certificates of sustainability that validate and detail the green achievements that resulted from the program.

Additional environmental impact of the “Recycle for Recycling” program included 26 metric tons less CO2 emissions, 5 fewer cars on the road each day, and 683 trees planted.

“We thank all the operators who participated in this recycling program,” said Chuck Reed, marketing director and MEI Global Green Team leader in a prepared statement. “Sustainability is important to MEI, and we strive to design and produce technology with the lowest possible lifetime environmental impact. We jumped at the chance to enable our operators and distribution partners to contribute as well. Programs like this demonstrate that companies can achieve both business growth and environmental stewardship.”    

MEI recognizes the importance of preserving the world’s natural resources for future generations. To help work toward a cleaner environment, MEI pledges to be at the forefront of the industry in embracing sustainable business practices. MEI has formed a Global Green Team to develop and promote best business practices for its products, processes and facilities. Sustainability is one of the five principles MEI associates strive to uphold in both their professional and personal commitments.