Microtronic US Integrates Cashless Vending With Hotel Door Locks

Microtronic US announces the integration of cashless payment acceptance using most RFID hotel door locks.  This will allow hotel guests to use their hotel door card at the vending machines equipped with Microtronic readers. The most widely used RFID hotel door locks are manufactured by Kaba Ilco and work seamlessly with Microtronic readers without the ongoing monthly credit card fees and costs of monitoring.

The Microtronic System is based out of Switzerland and has been in business for more than 26 years with extensive experience in the smart card, prepaid market. Microtronic readers, have no moving parts, which prevents break down. Microtronic has been in the U.S. for six years and has never replaced a reader due to faulty parts.

For information, call 800-879-3586; 336-869-0429; Fax: 336-506-6763; Website: www.MicrotronicUS.com.