Healthy Vending Product Sales Fall In Double Digits At Brockport, N.Y. High School

Sales have dropped 23 percent for milk and 16 percent for bagged snacks in the past year at Brockport High School in Brockport, N.Y., where the healthy vending program is supported by the American Dairy Association, according to WHAM-TV in Rochester, N.Y. For the full story, click here

Editor’s Insight: The fact that many of the “healthy” items cost more most likely plays a role in the sales decline, but there are other factors at play here as well.

VendingMarketWatch has long noted that schools need to educate kids about the nutrition benefits of the healthy options.

One educator interviewed in this report notes that participation in a student council healthy food committee declined after the first year. The mistake is leaving support for the program up to the students; the school foodservice staff and the local health officials and industry have to be involved. 11-11-11 By Elliot Maras