Boston, Mass. Advertising Agency Develops High Tech Beer Vending Machine

Arnold Worldwide, a Boston, Mass.-based worldwide advertising agency, has installed a beer vending machine that has a touchscreen and accepts RFID fobs, nicknamed Arnie, thanks to internal funding from an initiative to bring new and innovative ideas pitched by the staff to life, according to PSFK, an online source for new ideas for creative professionals. For the full story, click here.

Editor’s Insight: Talk about a creative agency. The creative staff of this advertising agency developed not only this machine, but the beer it dispenses. The agency’s Website indicates the touchscreen interface is also set up for Twitter communication, allowing users to Tweet from the machine. Data visualization tools within the smart vending-machine even state on which day of the week the most beer was consumed.

The advertising industry is always looking for new an exciting ways to promote products. The industry is discovering the unique benefits of vending, thanks to today’s versatile vending technology. 11-09-11