McDonald’s Sales Jump 5.5 Percent In October

McDonald's Corp. announced global comparable sales growth of 5.5 percent in October. Performance by segment was as follows: U.S. up 5.2 percent; Europe up 4.8 percent; Asia/Pacific, Middle East and Africa up 6.1 percent.

"McDonald's Plan to Win continues to deliver strong global comparable sales increases," said McDonald's Chief Executive Officer Jim Skinner in a prepared statement. "The ongoing strength of our results reflects the power of our customer-focused plan, supported by actions that enhance the relevance of the Brand."

In the U.S., comparable sales rose 5.2 percent as customers continue to visit McDonald's for classic core favorites, relevant new products and compelling value offered in our convenient restaurants. The excitement of the Monopoly game promotion and the popularity of featured products, including the Big Mac, Chicken McNuggets, Fruit & Maple Oatmeal and McCafe beverages, were key drivers for the month.

Europe posted a 4.8 percent increase in comparable sales for the month driven by performance in France, Russia and the U.K. The segment continued to benefit from locally-relevant menu choices, promotional food events, everyday value options and reimaged restaurants that are more convenient and accessible.

Comparable sales in Asia/Pacific, Middle East and Africa increased 6.1 percent for the month led by Australia, China and Japan. APMEA's results were driven by convenience, unique daypart value platforms, and a balance of core and local offerings.

Systemwide sales for the month increased 7.7 percent, or 7.6 percent in constant currencies.