Public Health Group Calls For Sodium Restrictions

The American Public Health Association (APHA) has passed a resolution calling on the Food and Drug Administration to start regulating sodium levels in processed and restaurant foods, and set a schedule to progressively reduce those levels by 75 percent within 10 years, according to Media Post Marketing Daily. For the full story, click here.

Editor’s Insight: Refreshment service operators need to recognize that sodium levels are a major health issue, which is why many food manufacturers and foodservice companies have voluntarily reduced sodium in their products.

The National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) Fit Pick program addresses this issue under one of its two sets of nutrition standards, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation standards. Under this set of standards, products can not have more than 480 milligrams of sodium, in addition to other rules.

For information about NAMA’s Fit Pick program, visit 11-04-11 By Elliot Maras