Coffee Futures Decline On European Debt Woes

Coffee futures fell to the lowest price in four weeks on speculation that Europe’s struggle to contain its sovereign-debt crisis may slow the global economy, curbing commodity demand, according to Bloomberg News. For the full story, click here.

Editor’s Insight: Refreshment service operators need to be on top of coffee futures; rest assured customers are hearing these reports and will expect refreshment service operators to be informed.

This particular report is only one of several indications about coffee futures.

During the recent National Automatic Merchandising Association CoffeeTea&Water event in Las Vegas, Rabobank’s Ross Colbert put coffee prices in a broader perspective. Colbert noted that a dip is projected in the immediate future, but this dip is small compared to the trend since 2005. He also noted that global consumption is increasing, which places upward pressure on price. 11-03-11 By Elliot Maras