Autocrat, LLC Receives Excellent Rating For SQF Certification

Autocrat, LLC ( has been awarded an “Excellent” rating on their 2000 Level II Certification by the Safe Quality Food (SQF) organization. Food processing and retailing consensus have made the SQF initiative the leading U.S. food safety standard in the nation.

The SQF 2000 Code provides the food supplier a food safety and quality management certification program. It enables them to meet product trace, regulatory, food safety and commercial quality criteria in a structured and cost effective manner. The SQF 2000 Code Level 2 outlines the general food safety management system requirements in compliance with the Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points (HACCP) applied by a Supplier involved in the manufacture, processing, transport, storage, distribution of raw materials and ingredients, food products and processed or prepared foods and beverages.

Autocrat’s employees have been preparing for this prestigious certification for nearly two years, with the guidance of certified SQF practitioner Gina Brooks.  In achieving this certification Autocrat is proud to provide products to its customers that are produced and manufactured under the SQF 2000 Code certification.  These products retain a higher degree of acceptance in the global marketplace.

Based in Lincoln, RI, Autocrat, LLC is a supplier of premium coffee and tea extracts, utilizing a custom state-of-the-art extraction system to meet the increasing demands for coffee and tea extracts and coffee and tea on demand. For more information regarding these products call 1-800-288-6272 or visit Autocrat on-line at