Northern Ohio Colleges Consider Banning Bottled Water

Several northern Ohio area colleges are considering banning bottled water on campus, according to The Lake County News Herald in Willoughby, Ohio. For the full story, click here


Editor’s Insight: This controversy, which will become bigger before it gets smaller, is another reason that refreshment service operators need to be educated about their industry. A great way to be educated is to attend industry conventions. 

Last week in Las Vegas, this very topic was covered in detail during a session on sustainable green product marketing. The speaker, Wendell Simonson of Eco Products, noted that most plastic water bottles are recyclable.

The presentation also noted that the federal government requires that for a product to be considered compostable, it must be accepted as such by 60 percent of the municipalities that recycle the product.

The environmental movement calls on refreshment service operators to be experts on the products they use. 10-24-11 By Elliot Maras