Featured In Automatic Merchandising: Considering Self Checkout? Variety And quality Are Paramount

Allen Weintraub, a contributing editor to Automatic Merchandiser Magazine, reviews considerations for vending operators looking to expand into self checkout vending markets in the October edition of the magazine. Weintraub notes that operators cannot use vending products for the self checkout vending markets, but must focus on more variety and better quality.

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Editor’s Insight: Self checkout markets are the fastest change taking place in automatic merchandising today. The self checkout market displays were a big hit at both the National Automatic Merchandising Association CoffeeTea&Water show in Las Vegas and the Atlantic Coast Expo in Myrtle Beach, S.C. last week.

During a time when the customer base is not growing for automatic merchandising, the self checkout market, if placed in the right location, offers vending operators a way to increase sales. 10-24-11 By Elliot Maras