Coinco Arrow Technology Impresses Attendees At Canadian Vending Expo

Coinco’s Arrow cashless and telemetry products met an enthusiastic crowd during the recent Canadian Automatic Merchandising Association (CAMA) Expo 2011 in Montreal’s Place Bonaventure. In the CAMA Café, various manufacturers’ machines were equipped with Arrow Connect and the Arrow Smart Reader. Attendees were given a contactless card (flash) preloaded with $10 credit for use in the Café. Traffic was impressive as attendees flocked to the machines to redeem their credits.

Chris Stegehuis, Coinco’s Canadian general manager, said in a prepared statement, “Visitors to our booths were very impressed with the Arrow System. They commented on the attractiveness of the Arrow SmartReader and the easy to use Arrow Vision Route Management software. We are very pleased with the enthusiastic level of response and the orders placed on the show floor.”

Ron Manne, Coinco vice president of sales, commented, “It was gratifying to see that the CAMA Café was the busiest place on the show floor. It was clear that the Café Card was simple to use with the Arrow SmartReader. It was gratifying to see how easily attendees figured out how to use the system and how quickly vends occurred with Arrow.”

The Arrow System is one of the mostly widely used cashless systems for vending in the world, with over 25,000 units installed worldwide and more transactions processed on a global basis than any other vending or cashless system. Arrow Vision provides detailed reports on product sales, cash accountability, pre-kitting with dynamic scheduling.  Coinco also presented a French version of Arrow Vision.

Arrow is the trademarked name for Coinco/InOne Technology’s cashless and telemetry system. The Arrow SmartReader accepts magnetic card, contactless (flash) and contact card. The SmartReader is designed to meet EMV standards, and is in the final phases of the approval process.

Gene Ostendorf, founder of InOne Technology said, “Clearly, the Canadian vending market is poised to explode with cashless payment. The new regulations from Interac easing payment for low value transactions, and the forthcoming mass mailing of Bank cards equipped with flash (contactless) and contact will fuel the explosion. Coinco’s dominant position as payment solutions provider to Canadian market and Arrow’s dominance as global provider of cashless payment make it the obvious choice for Canadian operators.”

Coinco is a leader in the design and manufacturing of payment solutions for the automated point-of-sale industry. In Europe, Australia, Asia, North America or Latin America, Coinco makes products that deliver consistent, reliable performance in vending, amusement, kiosk, gaming, retail or transit.

InOne Technology is a provider of vending machine technologies including Cashless, Remote Data Collection, LED lights & Energy Saving devices, DEX and Replacement Controller Boards. For two decades, InOne has been providing products to the vending industry.