Inventure Foods Inc. To Market Nathan’s Famous Inc. Branded Snacks

Inventure Foods Inc. has partnered with legendary Nathan's Famous, Inc. to license the popular Nathan's restaurant brand name for a new line of snacks that will be available at grocery, vending and convenience store retailers this fall.

The Nathan's Famous snacks will offer consumers unique and tasty ready-to-eat snacks that replicate the tastes found within Nathan's popular restaurant menu. Snacks under the Nathan's brand will include Cheddar Cheese, Chili Cheese and Honey Mustard flavored Crunchy Crinkle Fries and will be available in 2.0 to 3.5 ounce bags with a suggested retail price of $1.99 - $2.19 per package. There also will be a Nathan's crinkle cut potato chip available in a single serve 1.25 ounce size that will retail from $.99 to $1.29.

"We're excited to partner with Inventure Foods to see our brand extend into the snack chip aisle," said Wayne Norbitz, president and COO of Nathan's Famous in a prepared statement. "Inventure Foods has demonstrated a unique ability to translate popular restaurant menu items into incredibly delicious snack foods. We're looking forward to a taste experience that is Nathan's to the core."

Nathan's Famous began as a single restaurant in Coney Island, Brooklyn in 1916. Today, Nathan's has grown to become an international brand reaching millions of customers through traditional and captive-market restaurant operations, a branded product program introduced throughout the food service industry, and packaged products sold in supermarkets. Nathan's hot dogs are marketed and sold in more than 40,000 locations worldwide, including more than 30,000 retail locations and more than 10,000 food service outlets. Nathan's products are sold in all 50 states and six foreign countries.

"The common denominator within all of our successful snack foods is creating great tasting products that connect with the brand," said Steve Sklar, senior vice president of marketing for Inventure Foods. "The Nathan's Famous menu offers a wide variety of diverse, inspired flavors that will allow us to develop unique snack chips that stand out from the typical 'sour-cream-and-onion' crowd."

Inventure Foods has a proven track record of translating popular restaurant menu items into ready-to-eat snacks, including decadent offerings like T.G.I. Friday's® and BURGER KING(TM) chips and better-for-you offerings like the Jamba(TM) All-Natural smoothie kits. In addition, Inventure Foods manufactures its own popular brands, including Boulder Canyon Natural Foods(TM), Rader Farms®, Poore Brothers®, Tato Skins® and Bob's Texas Style®.