National Automatic Merchandising Association Announces Price Cuts For Fit Pick Stickers

Thanks to a new partnership between Kitchen Fresh Foods, Inc. and the National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA), the prices of the association’s Fit Pick healthy vending stickers will fall dramatically, NAMA’s Executive Vice President and COO Dan Mathews, NCE5 CCS announced.

At the current small sticker rates, NAMA members pay 15 cents per sticker and non-members pay 30 cents. Thanks to the new partnership, the prices will significantly drop to 7 cents for members and 21 cents for non-members. 

According to Mathews, the partnership with Kitchen Fresh allowed the organization to place a larger order for stickers which led to the drop in pricing. “Since we introduced the program we’ve watched it grow steadily, but the new partnership with Kitchen Fresh pushes the program into an entirely new level of success and potential implementation,” he said.

Said Greg Hill, Kitchen Fresh division manager, “We are urging all of our operators to adopt the program as well,” said Hill. “Our company alone offers 72 items that meet the Fit Pick criteria, so we are confident everyone who signs up for the program will find a host of choices that will work for their customers.” 

NAMA’s Fit Pick program is designed to educate consumers about products in vending machines that meet specific nutrition standards, and was unveiled nationally by the association in 2008.  It includes stickers that are placed in front of products that meet strict nutritional guidelines and a choice of point of sale materials to educate consumers about the program.

Concluded Mathews, “This is a great opportunity for operators who haven’t adopted Fit Pick yet to take a second look. Accounts everywhere love the program, and now it’s more affordable than ever.”

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