VendTek Wholesale Equipment, Inc. Holds Grand Opening And Open House At New Facility In Wixom, Mich.

VendTek Wholesale Equipment, Inc., based in Wixom, Mich.  had its official grand opening and open house recently. VendTek had its new 15,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility to show off featuring a showroom that is over 1,000 square feet with the latest in today’s equipment and technology. Featured in the showroom was the full line up of equipment from Cranes Automatic Products, Dixie Narco and GPL. Both Vendo, Seaga and All state Manufacturing were on hand to offer their machines to the product mix as well.

The technological side of the business was featured with a display from Cantaloupe Systems and USA Technologies Inc. as well as some displays in pre pick systems and how today’s emerging operators need to prepare for to maximize efficiencies. MEI/Conlux and Currenza representatives were there to show off their mix of money handling systems and recyclers.

Unique to VendTek Wholesale Equipment is its status as a full service distributor offering more than just equipment. Featured was its 8,000-square-foot section of wholesale products for its cash and carry product division and an active display board for various available locations that are available for operators looking to grow. 

“I was delighted with the response we had and the orders that have since followed. In total we had over 123 attendees when you include the operators and various visitors” says Tom St.Germain, president of VendTek in a prepared statement.

Jerry Horan, a longtime industry veteran, now with VendTek and formally from Chicago’s American Vending, added: “It’s been a  long time since I’ve seen activity in this magnitude, I’m hopeful the industry is showing signs of a rebirth.”

“Michigan has been especially hard hit in the past few years with the economy due to the fact that we are the epicenter of the automotive industry and not only have the OEMs cut back but the second and third tier suppliers have as well. Then you get the companies that feed into those companies that have cut back. All in all it’s been ugly. With that said many of Michigan’s operators have not gone to a recent NAMA convention due to their cost cutting. We tried to capitalize on that and offer if you will a mini NAMA here in their backyard; offering them the latest in equipment, financing, technologies and products,” St. Germain said.

Tom Vogt,  director of Conlux OEM Sales of  North America, said: “I appreciate all your efforts in bringing in as many quality operators as you did in one day. The opportunity to share the MEI Conlux payment system solution to that many operators was very beneficial for everyone.”  

Kevin Horstman of Seaga Manufacturing said: “Seaga is extremely pleased with the wonderful showing at the VendTek open house, what a great opportunity to share our innovative vending products to the Detroit community!”

Ron Barnes, the regional sales manager for Crane Merchandising Systems said:

“Vendtek open house was well attended.  Hats off to the sales team for their efforts in getting MI operators to attend and setting up a local equipment show within the state.  This venue gave us an excellent opportunity to showcase our glass front merchandisers and new Currenza Payment Solutions.”