National Media Continue To Report On National Automatic Merchandising Association’s ‘Fit Pick’ Program

From Washington, D.C. to Philadelphia, Pa., millions of consumers are reading about healthy vending and the National Automatic Merchandising Association’s (NAMA) Fit Pick Program thanks to dozens of articles that are appearing across the country, noted Dan Mathews, NAMA executive vice president and chief operating officer.

When asked about the intense media coverage about NAMA and healthy vending Mathews said in a prepared statement, “We are thrilled with our role not only in helping our members integrate health and wellness into their accounts, but also with the media coverage the topic is generating. Thanks to media coverage like this, consumers are finally seeing vending in a new light.” 

Stories have appeared in dozens of newspapers coast-to-coast, including The Kansas City Star, Bellingham Herald, The Daily Press, Lansing State Journal, Toledo Blade, and Courier-Journal and websites including,, and

In addition, stories have appeared on the Metro website, the fourth largest and most read free daily in the U.S., and on the Global Metro website which boasts 18 million daily readers across 18 countries.

NAMA has been influential in identifying healthier options for the vending machines through its Fit Pick program “This extremely popular and successful program was created in 2007, as part of NAMA’s Balanced for Life national health and wellness initiative to help stem rising childhood obesity rates and educate consumers about the elements of a balanced diet and the importance of physical activity,” said Mathews.

In addition to schools, healthy vending has gained popularity in the workplace, and reporters are writing about the increase in healthy vending companies nationwide that offer low-calorie and low-fat fare in schools, hospitals, malls and office buildings.

Over 139,000 Fit Pick stickers have been distributed since the program’s inception, and more than 27,000 vending machines nationwide now sport the bright orange, yellow and green citrus logo, which identify the two standards for products.

Concluded Mathews, “It’s heartwarming to see positive news accounts about the vending industry. NAMA is extremely proud of the Fit Pick program and we are pleased to be part of the solution, helping consumers everywhere to make smart-snacking decisions for a healthier lifestyle.”

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