Refrigeration Specialist Joins European Vending Association

The European Vending Association (EVA) welcomed Re/genT as a member.

Re/genT is a research and development company in the refrigeration field with climate room facilities for testing domestic and commercial cooling equipment, based in the Netherlands. The company’s main expertise is to design green, energy efficient cooling systems that comply with international standards. In addition to this, Re/genT is also involved in the development of these standards, as well as regulations (ecodesign) for domestic refrigerators.

According to Patrick Beks, quality manager at Re/genT, “The main reason for joining the EVA is to gather useful information for our refrigerated vending machine development activities. We are expecting further European regulations with respect to energy

consumption levels of these vending machines and we want to anticipate the nature of these regulations as soon as possible. We expect that being a member of the EVA will provide us with relevant information (e.g. test protocols, statements for future refrigerant choices, information about KPI reports, energy consumption levels, hygiene aspects, etc) for our vending machine product developments. We also believe that being a member of

the EVA will give us a chance to expand our network in the vending machine industry. It’s a unique opportunity for exchanging knowledge and more intense collaboration”.

Catherine Piana, the EVA’s director general, commented: “The EVA is pleased to have such a high-tech and green-oriented company on board. Thanks to their proactive position when facing legislation, Re/genT will certainly contribute to sharing an

innovative view in our lobbying activities.”