Coca-Cola Rolls Out Second Generation Interactive Vending Machines

The Coca-Cola recently began rolling out the second-generation Coca-Cola Interactive Vending (CCIV) machines in the U.S., with plans for hundreds of machines to be in place by year-end. The high-tech machines allow consumers to interact with the brands they love by watching video, playing games and getting information.

The first CCIV machines were developed for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Consumer reactions were so strong that we decided to produce additional CCIVs and place them at large malls for a U.S. pilot, where they have quickly developed a following among teens and young adults.

The second-generation CCIV, more reliable and with more customizable features, was tested last year in Atlanta-area malls and universities. With customers, bottlers and vending operators continuing to request the machines, we have started placing more CCIVs throughout the U.S., primarily at malls and universities.

The new-and-improved CCIV machines hold up to 10 beverage selections and feature a 46-inch screen divided into three "zones." The first zone is dedicated to commercials for the available beverages. The second zone allows consumers to "spin" digital bottles around for an up-close view, including a look at nutritional information, which supports the Company's commitment to helping consumers make informed beverage choices. And the third zone, dubbed the "app zone," has a variety of games and messages about Live Positively.

The CCIV can connect with brand marketing campaigns and include localized content. It's also connected to the Coke Digital Network and will have the ability to synchronize ad campaigns with other "digital endpoints," such as billboards and transit shelters.