VendASnack Online Vending Site Relaunches

VendASnack is relaunching and poised to create a new online vending market. The relaunch includes more comprehensive snack options, international shipping for consumers outside the U.S., and an improved and more powerful website.

“I was tired of using the old vending machines with extremely limited selections and where the machines ate my money,” said Rick Drake, co-founder of in a prepared statement. “VendASnack makes this process much more pleasant with a complete online vending machine without the hassle.”

Launched in June 2011, VendASnack creates a new market by ensuring individuals always have the snacks they want, whenever they want them. The site features a selection of over 250 snacks from which to choose. The virtual vending machine offers 24 snacks for $24 and free shipping. Those utilizing VendASnack can use the coupon code “PRESS” to receive $2 off their first order.

VendASnack has an extensive variety of snacks from sweet to salty.

For those chocolate enthusiasts, online vending machine features Hersey, Mars, Cadbury, Nestle, like the popular Snickers, Reese’s and Butterfinger, along with Hershey bars, M&Ms, Mounds. People who crave carbs, there are numerous choices available from the chip and cracker favorites such as Pringles®, Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, Lays Chips® and Cheetos, along with Combos and Doritos.

A wide selection of candy bars more familiar to those in the U.S. encompass favorites such as Skittles, Starbursts, Sour Patch Kids, Twizzlers, and more. A variety of international foods is available, including ethnic favorites such as Pocky from Japan and Swedish Red Fish from Sweden, along with Lucas BomVaso, Pelon Pelo Rico and Duvalin strawberry candies from Mexico.

Consumers with a taste for mint will find a myriad of mint and gum choices. The site features Wrigley, Trident, Stride, and Orbit brands, in addition to Mentos, Eclipse, Extra and Dentyne. Everyone can use a cookie break, and Vend A Snack offers chocolaty sweets from Keebler®, Knott’s Berry Farm, Oreo and Famous Amos.

Nuts are a healthy snack, full of protein. The Planter brand of nut snacks are one of the most recognizable in the world, and Vend A Snack has peanut snacks and trail mixes in a wide variety of flavors. David Sunflower seeds are also available.

For people on the go, breakfast bars and mini boxes of cereal provide a morning boost, as well as a mid afternoon snack. Vend A Snack offers breakfast bars from Nature Valley, NutriGrain and Pop Tarts, combined with cereals from Post and Kellogg’s. allows consumers to have their favorite snacks on hand any time of the day or night. No one has to resort to physical vending machines that are poorly stocked or don't produce the desired snacks. As an added bonus, shipping is built in to the price of all purchases, providing consumers with extra value. can be reached via email at support(at)vendasnack(dot)com. For more information, visit the website at