OCS Access Adds Search Engine Optimization And Search Engine Marketing

OCS Access, a provider of e-commerce based solutions for the office coffee service (OCS) industry, has recently added search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) to the company’s list of services. Founder Richard Smith stated that the new SEO/SEM offering is a natural fit into the suite of products and services the company currently offers.

“We’ve been assisting companies in the OCS industry with websites, ecommerce and other web based solutions for almost ten years now,” he said in a prepared statement. “For us, offering services to address the search engine technology needs of the industry is the next logical step. It allows us to offer clients a more complete solution for their online presence and ecommerce.”

OCS Access’s initial focus will be on organic search results, as opposed to pay-per-click advertising or other paid campaigns. “It’s a process that takes time, but it’s an investment that provides ongoing payback in the long run,” Smith said. Along with implementing initial changes to clients’ sites to make them more search engine friendly, OCS Access will also update Websites on a continuing basis to ensure they remain as relevant to the search engines as possible. OCS Access is extending their SEO/SEM services to all companies, not just their existing clients.

SEO/SEM have become a vital part of online business, Smith said. While it is primarily used most often in a retail capacity, business-to-business sites have begun to see the value and ROI associated with a solid SEM strategy.

A subscription-based e-commerce service located in New Jersey, OCS Access originally launched its ecommerce programs in 2003 and caters specifically to office-coffee, vending, water and food service companies. The company specializes in creating web-based e-commerce software and websites as well as providing ongoing solutions and support.