MLB Fan Cave Debuts Foursquare Vending Experience In New York City

The MLB Fan Cave on the corner of Broadway and East 4th Street in Manhattan has premiered a new digital out-of-home (OOH) storefront.

The customized Foursquare-linked smart phone vending experience dispenses official MLB baseballs upon user command. Pedestrians on the streets of New York City who encounter the experience can use their smart phones to check into "The Franchise on Showtime" via Foursquare, notifying the intelligent storefront to release a baseball.

A few lucky participants will have the chance to receive autographed balls.

To make this possible, an all-star team was created to execute the first Foursquare vending experience ever executed in a storefront. The lineup includes: Showtime, OMD and Monster Media, providers of digital out-of-home advertising.

The object of the innovative experience is to promote "The Franchise: A Season With The San Francisco Giants" that premiers on July 13. The new docu-series, presented by Showtime, follows the Giants day-by-day as they defend their 2010 World Series title in 2011.

"What makes these types of social media campaigns work is that they are incredibly engaging and users have never seen anything like it before," said Tim O'Brien, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Monster Media. "We have received extremely high interaction numbers and at this time over 400 baseballs have been vended."

The campaign launched on June 27 and will run through July 24.

Monster Media is an out-of-home media company with offices in Canada, U.K., South Africa, Denmark and corporate headquarters in Orlando, Fla. For information, go to: