Coca-Cola Co. To Test Market Machines That Utilize The Google Wallet

The Coca-Cola Co. and Google have partnered to demonstrate a payment technology that utilizes the Google Wallet for two types of vending machines, a traditional vender and the Coca-Cola Interactive Vender (CCIV). The CCIV is an interactive experience that combines sight, sound, motion and touch to the consumer vending experience.

Both of types of machines will be equipped with credit card readers that not only accept traditional credit cards, but are also enabled to utilize Google’s Mobile Wallet. Google’s Mobile Wallet transforms the purchasing process by seamlessly allowing a consumer to make a purchase via an NFC-enabled Google Android phone. Coca Cola Co. will be piloting at least 200 vending machines starting in September in five markets: San Francisco, Calif., New York, N.Y., Chicago, Ill., Los Angeles, Calif., and Washington, D.C.

Editor’s Insight: The Google Wallet, which is not yet available to consumers, promises big change for the vending industry.

When Google announced the concept at a press conference, the company demonstrated its use in a Coca-Cola Interactive Vending Machine, which was broadcasted on YouTube, as reported on June 2, 2011. To view the video, click here. 06-15-11 by Elliot Maras