PepsiCo Inc. CEO Nooyi Blasts Soda And Snack Taxes

PepsiCo Inc. Chairman and CEO Indra Nooyi said it's "wrong" for politicians such as Boston Mayor Thomas Menino and lawmakers to crack down on soda and snacks by banning them or proposing targeted taxes, according to The Boston Herald in Boston, Mass.

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Editor's Insight: Many people will read Ms. Nooyi's comments on beverage and snack taxes as self serving since she runs a product manufacturer. Self serving as her comments may be, no one can question the insight she brings to the very serious problem of childhood obesity. She says she is willing to sit down with Boston Mayor Tom Menino and come up with a "wholistic" approach to the problem.

Her words should serve as a wake up call to government leaders everywhere. The problem of childhood obesity has been many years in the making, and wholistic approach is needed to address it.

Kudos to Indra Nooyi for exhibiting true leadership. 05-16-11 by Elliot Maras