Texas Schools Ahead Of The Curve Introducing Healthier Meals

Researchers for the Children's Nutrition Research Center, based at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas evaluated three years of lunch records from middle schools in southeast Texas. Results showed students consumed more vegetables and milk, and consequently more protein, fiber and vitamins after school districts made changes to their menus, according to The Amarillo Globe News in Amarillo, Texas.

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Editor's Insight: This article indicates that changing kids' eating habits is a long-term process, one that requires the support of local school administrators in addition to the federal government. Kids can and do learn to appreciate healthier options, but it takes time.

Alarming levels of childhood obesity crisis took many years to evolve, and correcting the problem will take time. Fortunately, the federal government has recognized the problem and has allocated resources to address it. 01-07-11 Elliot Maras