Rochester, N.H. Honors Class Hopes That Water Machine Will Replace Bottled Water

A water machine, created by Pura Vida H2O out of Massachusetts, will allow students at Spaulding High School in Rochester, N.H. to fill up water at around 25 to 50 cents for a 16- to 24-ounce serving of cold, purified water, according to Foster's Daily Democrat in Dover, N.H. The honors class hopes that the machine will reduce the consumption of plastic bottles at the school.

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Editor's Insight: As part of this test, this class is going to sell 100 canteens to students for $5 each. It will be interesting to see how many students buy these canteens.

Getting students to use the canteens and carry them around with them requires changing their behavior. It remains to be seen if many students find this convenient. 01-11-10 Elliot Maras