Boulder, Colo. Seeks To Accommodate Gourmet Mobile Caterers

Boulder, Colo. officials want the city to be more inviting to gourmet mobile caterers and are crafting a plan to allow the trucks to sell food in a variety of public and private places, according to The Denver Post in Denver, Colo.

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Editor's Insight: Gourmet mobile caterers continue to expand nationwide, bringing a new source of competition to refreshment service operators. Look for this new crop of mobile caterers to win more business than their more traditional brethren, commonly referred to as "roach coaches."

There is an important lesson in this for vending operators. These gourmet mobile caterers are succeeding because they provide a high quality of service to customers. They have established an image that is very different than that of the traditional mobile caterer.

The vending industry needs to change its image, and it has been working hard to do so. The gourmet mobile caterers offer an example on how to do it. 01-17-11 by Elliot Maras