U-Turn Vending, Idaho Falls, Idaho, Introduces Dedicated Healthy Vending Program, Tabs Marketing Director

U-Turn Vending, a vending machine distributor based in Idaho Falls, Idaho, recently introduced dedicated healthy vending machines called Naturals2GO, and hired Makayla Seger as the new director of marketing for Naturals2GO.

"The country is more aware of then ever of how important it is to eat healthier, so the market in vending has definitely shifted to offering healthier vending machines. It is exciting and rewarding to be helping entrepreneurs who understand the value and benefits of this opportunity and providing this essential and needed service," said Seger in a prepared statement.

Editor's Insight: This is one of several dedicated healthy vending initiatives to emerge recently. These dedicated healthy vending programs have been around for years, but the level of activity has increased in recent months, largely due to the media coverage of the child nutrition bill.

It will be interesting to see how many of these dedicated healthy vending companies are still around next year.

Traditional vending operators are in a better position to help locations get healthier options since they already understand the vending business. 01-25-11 Elliot Maras