Kraft Foods Inc. Demos 'Meal Planning Solution' Kiosk At National Retail Federation Show In New York City

Kraft Foods Inc. demonstrated its "Meal Planning Solution," a self-serve kiosk designed for retail stores that zooms in on the consumer's face and instantly determines gender and age group to guess what products to recommend during the National Retail Federation Convention and Expo at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City, according to Fast Company Magazine. The device also dispenses a sample of the product.

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Editor's Insight: This kiosk is for food retailers. It is a highly engaging interactive machine. The machine includes a camera which allows the shopper to place their own image on the screen with a bobble head, an "infotainment" feature.

It's not far fetched to envision how this technology could be adapted to vending machines. 01-26-11 Elliot Maras