Minneapolis, Minn. To Consider Expanding Options For Mobile Food Vendors

Several Minneapolis, Minn. city council members want to expand a city ordinance that passed last year to allow for more mobile food vendors downtown as well as in neighborhoods in other parts of the city, including Cedar-Riverside, the U of M campus, Uptown and Northeast, according to The Southwest Journal in Minneapolis, Minn.

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Editor's Insight: Following a 1-year trial, the city council wants to allow for more mobile food trucks, which appear to have become very popular. The trend is not limited to Minneapolis.

Previous news reports have noted the increase in mobile food vendors offering gourmet and specialty foods that have cropped up in several large cities. These upstarts cater to people who must eat on the go but want good value for their money.

VendingMarketWatch has noted that mobile food trucks continue to expand while the vending operator retreats from the food business. This is not a good situation for the vending industry. 02-10-11 Elliot Maras