Maine And Pennsylvania Battle Over Who Started The Whoopie Pie

A front page article in today's Wall Street Journal describes a debate between the states of Maine and Pennsylvania over the rights to claim the origin of Whoopie pies, icing/chocolate sandwich desserts.

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Editor's Insight: This is the sort of public debate that refreshment service operators should join, both for fun and as a way to promote their products and services to customers.

Every community has favorite foods that refreshment service operators can offer customers.

Refreshment service operators in Maine and Pennsylvania should join this debate. In Maine, a legislative committee is considering making the Whoopie its state dessert. Maine vending operators should be urging their customers to support this.

The article even examines the merits of the historical claims to the Woopie pie. This will make interesting content for refreshment service operators' newsletters and Websites. 02-14-11 Elliot Maras