Starbucks Developing New Product For Single-Serve Coffee Market

Starbucks confirmed to the Chicago Tribune it is working on a new product for single-serve coffee machines. A company spokesperson declined to say what impact, if any, this will have on its commercial coffee service business.

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Editor's Insight: This report concerns the consumer single-cup coffee business as opposed to the commercial foodservice or coffee service business, but the consumer segment impacts the commercial one.

Starbucks isn't saying much about its plans yet, but it stands to reason the company would want to participate in a fast growing market segment.
Starbucks has offered its I-Cup brewer for several years to the commercial coffee service market, but it has not offered a brew-by-pack product, which is the fastest growing single-cup business.

Starbucks' interest bodes well for the refreshment service industry. 02-15-11 Elliot Maras