Phoenix, Ariz. Vending Operator Nabs Vending Thieves With Remote Machine Monitoring

Jodi Glimpse, co-owner of Camelback Vending in Phoenix, Ariz., recently captured two vending thieves with the help of remote machine monitoring technology, according to The Arizona Republic in Tulsa, Okla.

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Editor's Insight: Congratulations to Jodi Glimpse for her vigilance in battling vending burglars. Glimpse was on vacation when she received an alert on her cell phone about a machine being tampered with, but that didn't stop her from calling the police immediately. She had the police phone number with her and was able to direct the dispatchers to get a squad car to the school in time to catch the thief.

This article in The Arizona Republic also explores the efficiencies provided by remote machine monitoring to vending. 02-18-11 Elliot Maras