Hall Of Fame Beverages Inc. Signs Distribution Pact With U.S. Foodservice

Hall of Fame Beverages Inc. has signed an agreement with U.S. Foodservice to distribute Grandmama's Sweet Southern Tea. Management changes at Hall of Fame Beverages and a new direction became visible when "Grandmama" Larry Johnson took back the Ball in Madison Square Garden to begin the official launch of Grandmama's Sweet Southern Tea with the New York Knick's Host Al Trautwig interview on MSG Network and a new launch of Grandmama's Sweet Southern Tea.

Brad Godfrey, entrepreneur and Major Hall of Fame Beverages shareholder became unhappy with previous management decisions, made a major Investment, and was appointed the chief business development officer. Thomas Love is no longer working with Hall of Fame Beverages.

Godfrey said in a prepared statement, "A series of bad management decisions led to our stock's poor performance, we expect a great turn around in valuation for all shareholders with the new management direction and the vision of 'Grandmama' Larry Johnson very active in our game plan ahead." He further added, "Larry Johnson and our alte