Michigan Distributors and Vendors Association To Hold Lobbying Day May 11

Michigan Distributors and Vendors Association (MDVA) will hold its "Day at the Capitol" on May 11. MDVA is working with the schedules of Speaker Bolger, and Senate Majority Leader Richardville for this event, along with a panel of key legislators in the House and the Senate. They are also working with the Governor's office and have been told it is a possibility Gov. Snyder will also be available to meet with the group. For more information contact Pam Gilbert at pgilbert@vending.org.

Editor's Insight: The Michigan organization has done an outstanding job with its "Day at the Capitol." It has become a well attended event, thanks to the organization's good leadership and its members' support.

Lobbying efforts have always been important to the refreshment services industry.

Shame on any vending operator who fails to do its share and support lobbying efforts at all levels of government. 03-24-11 Elliot Maras