The Wall Street Journal Presents 'The New Power Lunch'

In a visually striking, front-page "Personal Journal" article, The Wall Street Journal presents "The New Power Lunch," a description of a fashionable, nutritious, convenient way to eat at work.

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Editor's Insight: This article is a must read for refreshment service operators. The key take away is that brown bagging has attained a higher status among executives, thanks to the aggressive marketing of some food container manufacturers who have made it fashionable to carry lunch to work.

Many vending operators mistakenly associate brown bagging with blue collar accounts. This article dispels that misconception.

The article includes "Sandwich Secrets Revealed," focusing on easy ways to prepare quality food and not cause a mess in the work space.

The purveyors of fashionable lunch boxes are making it easy, fashionable and nutritious to bring lunch to work.

Can't the vending industry make the vending experience easy, fashionable and nutritious? 04-07-11 by Elliot Maras