Boston Mayor Expands Sugary Beverage Ban To All City Properties

Boston, Mass. Mayor Thomas Menino said he is expanding his ban on sugar-sweetened drinks in schools to include all city properties and functions, a sweeping restriction that means that calorie-laden soft drinks, juices with added sugar, and sports drinks will no longer be offered in vending machines, concession stands, and city-run meetings, programs and events, according to The Boston Globe.

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Editor's Insight: Soda bans by big cities like Boston encourage similar measures in other cities. These measures challenge refreshment service providers to offer alternative products.

Fortunately, refreshment service operators have more products to offer than ever. Because low calorie alternatives are less popular with consumers, operators need to market these products more aggressively.

Major product manufacturers have marketing programs designed to help operators with their marketing. 04-08-11 by Elliot Maras