Marketing Professor Calls Pepsi Cola's Social Media Campaign Poorly Planned

Mark Ritson, a marketing professor, claims that Pepsi Cola's social media marketing campaign was ill conceived in an article in Marketing Week.

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Editor's Insight: Social media is a very new marketing tool. This professor does not diminish the importance of this tool. He simply notes that Pepsi's ambitious social media campaign was improperly focused. The campaign engaged consumers with Pepsi, but not with Pepsi products.

Pepsi's "Pepsi Refresh" initiative was big news to the brand marketing community. It marked a huge investment in a new marketing tool.

This article is a very instructive critique on social media marketing. Refreshment service operators should read it.

Refreshment service operators have a lot to learn from major marketing players. One lesson is that these companies are not afraid to take chances. 04-08-11 by Elliot Maras