Wall Street Journal Examines The Impact Of Office Candy Jars

Today's Wall Street Journal presents "The Battle of the Office Candy Jar" on the front page of its "Personal Journal" section, a well illustrated article that examines the impact of candy in jars in the work place. The article notes that candy in jars result in higher candy consumption.

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Editor's Insight: This article was highlighted at the very top of the front page of The Wall Street Journal. The article, in addition to quantifying the calorie gains associated with office candy jars, notes that the placement of these candy jars creates tensions among employees.

Vending operators can advise customers and prospective customers that vending machines are a good way to minimize these tensions. By restricting candy to the vending machine, a work place minimizes temptations to overindulge. 04-12-11 by Elliot Maras