Featured in Automatic Merchandiser: Beta Test Brings Strong Results For Interactive Diji-Touch Machine

The April Automatic Merchandiser Magazine reports that Next Generation Vending & Food Service Inc. based in Canton, Mass. has completed the beta test of the Diji Touch machine, an Internet-connected machine with a 46-inch touchscreen that makes the vending experience more interactive for consumers plans. The Diji Touch has delivered outstanding results and Next Generation plans to add more Diji-Touch machines.

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Editor's Insight: The Diji Touch machine has a future. While the machine is expensive, Kraft Vending & OCS believes the machine's video touchscreen can become an advertising medium that will allow vending operators to receive an added source of income that will strengthen the business case.

This sounds like "pie in the sky," but there are some facts to consider.

Digital signage advertising is a rising industry and the vending machine has some unique advantages for hosting such advertising. According to one digital signage advertising expert who studied consumer response to Diji Touch, consumer interaction with the machine is very encouraging compared to other environments. 04-15-11 Elliot Maras