USG Co-op And VMI Formalize New Relationship

Starting July 1, 2011, the 17 Vend Marketing Institute (VMI) members will join the Unified Strategies Group (USG) as full members. USG, in turn, has launched a new technology oriented subsidiary called USG Connectivity which will initially be comprised of the operating companies joining from VMI.

The focus of USG Connectivity will be compliance-based programming shaped by spiral data and consumer needs, and technology best practices focusing on telemetry and "micro markets."

USG Connectivity will be open to USG members who have begun the transformation to telemetry deployment and are willing to make a long-term commitment to telemetry and cashless as business tools.

VMI will operate as a holding company for existing proprietary brands and consumer marketing initiatives.

Chris Stave, VMI executive director, will facilitate the transition.

USG management will remain unchanged with Brian Faley and Marc Robertshaw as CEOs.

USG Connectivity will take a place alongside the Dynamic Purchasing Group (DPG) and Unified Vending Management as instruments to drive profitability and growth to USG's independent operator owners.