University Of Wisconsin Newspaper Examines How Vending Commission Is Spent

The University of Wisconsin made $451,216 from its contract with Wright Vending, recently purchased by Canteen Vending Services Inc., which is 38.8 percent of the money the machines on campus generate every year, according to The Badger Herald, the student newspaper at the University of Wisconsin Madison. The university also made $46,622 from its Randolph-Sheppard Department of Workforce Development Business Enterprise Program, which is 27.56 percent of the total money those machines made this year.

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Editor's Insight: This is a very good article by a student journalist. The article describes how the money is allocated to different university functions, including the specific activities it supports.

As a follow up article, it would be interesting to know how these activities would be affected if they didn't receive the vending revenue. 05-06-11 by Elliot Maras