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Southeastern Vending Association (SEVA)

Southeastern Vending Association (SEVA)

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Vermont Vending Association

Indiana Vending Council

Wisconsin Automatic Merchandising Council

Tri-State Automatic Merchandising Council (New Jersey and Pennsylvania)

Texas Merchandise Vending Association

Tennessee Automatic Merchandising Association

Pine Tree Maine - Vending Association

Rhode Island Vending Association

Oklahoma Vending Association

Ohio Automatic Merchandising Association

New Hampshire State Vending Association

Mississippi Automatic Merchandising Association

Minnesota Automatic Merchandising Council

Massachusetts Vending Association

Maryland/DC Vending Association

Vending Machine Operators of Louisiana

Kentucky Automatic Merchandising Council

Iowa Automatic Merchandising Association

Intermountain States Vending Council (Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming)

Michigan Distributors and Vendors Association

Mid-America Automatic Merchandising Association (Missouri and Kansas)

Northwest Automatic Vending Association (Alaksa, Oregon, Washington)

New York State Automatic Vending Association

Illinois Automatic Merchandising Council (IAMC)